6 Best best handheld marine radio

6 Best Handheld Marine Radios for Modern Mariners in 2024

Tips and a Guide to Buying the Best Handheld Marine Radio

Figuring Out What You Need: Think about what you need. Are you a casual sailor, a fisherman, or a professional mariner? Factors like range, battery life, and emergency features should be taken into consideration when buying the best handheld marine radio.

Learn the difference between VHF and UHF bands. Frequency considerations. Because it has a longer range over water, VHF is frequently used in marine.

Waterproof and Durability: Look for an IPX rating that suggests waterproofing levels. If your radio has a better IPX rating, it can handle splashes, rain, and even being dropped in water.

Battery Life: For extended trips, a longer battery life is essential. Choose radios that use power efficiently or have backup battery choices.

Emergency Features: Pick radios that can send SOS messages, work as a mobile phone, and connect to GPS systems. Your safety on the water depends on these features.

Ease of Use: Controls and interfaces that are easy to understand are very important, especially when things are difficult.

Consider the radio’s size and portability. Especially when you’re on the go, portability is important.

Range: Recognize your required range. A shorter range might be enough if you’re staying close to shore. For trips out in open water, you should look for longer lengths.

Care and Maintenance

Every so often, wipe the radio clean with a wet cloth to get rid of salt, dirt, and grime. Pay close attention to the cracks and buttons.

When not in use, keep your radio somewhere dry and cool. Stay away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Battery Care: Before putting the radio away for a long time, charge the battery. Don’t charge the battery too much; it can get damaged.

Check rubber gaskets and seals frequently for damage during waterproof maintenance. If you need to, replace them to keep the waterproofing.

Software Updates: If your radio has software features, make sure they are always up to date so they work at their best.

Avoid Dropping: Be careful when handling your radio so that it doesn’t get damaged inside by bumps or drops.

Avoid rust: If your radio has metal contacts that are out in the open, clean them with a cloth and put a thin layer of dielectric grease on them to stop rust.

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The Compact but Powerful Standard Horizon HX210 best handheld marine radio is a modern mariner’s tool for communication. Let’s look at its features, pros, and cons to see what makes it unique among marine radios.

Features include:

  • 6-Watt Power Output: The HX210’s 6-watt power output provides a reliable and long communication range, which is very important for sea adventures.
  • It has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means it can handle splashes of water and being submerged in water. It was made to survive the marine environment.
  • Floating Design: This radio is made to float on water, which makes it easy to find if you drop it or need to use it in an emergency.
  • You can choose between 6 watts of output power for the best range and 1 watt of output power to save battery life when you’re close to shore.
  • Large Backlit LCD Display: The bright backlit LCD screen makes it easy to read in a variety of lighting situations, which makes it more useful.
  • Compact and Portable
  • Durability
  • GPS Integration
  • Emergency Alert Features
  • Interface That’s Easy to Use
  • Multiple Scanning Options
  • Limitations on Range
  • Battery Life
  • No Built-In Bluetooth

With its compact design, the Standard Horizon HX210 Handheld Marine Radio combines important features like GPS integration, emergency signals, and durability. It is an important communication tool for modern sailors because it can scan a lot of different types of data and is easy to use. The HX210 is a good choice if you want a reliable and flexible marine radio for your boating or fishing trips.

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The Cobra HH350 is a best handheld marine radio that lasts a long time. Its outside cover is waterproof and can take a lot of wear and tear. 

Besides that, it has a Burp tool. If water gets into the HH350’s speaker grill, the device will shake. This will make the liquid come out of the case and dry the radio. 

You don’t need an extra emergency radio because this VHF marine radio also works with the main NOAA Weather Emergency channels.x

Features include:

  • Weight of the cobra handheld marine radio MR HH350 FLT hand-held floating VHF radio is 0.959 lb.
  • 1, 3, and 6W of output power.
  • 7.4 V of voltage.
  • An Li-Polymer battery from Mah
  • Battery life: 8 to 16 hours of the cobra handheld marine radio
  • A noise-cancelling microphone helps people talk more clearly.
  • The orange strip makes it easy to find the device in the dark.
  • Is not good for figuring out where you are at sea
  • The belt clip isn’t very strong and can break quickly.
  • It can be hard to change the volume.

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This is the Uniden MHS75 Waterproof Handheld Marine Radio, a versatile communication tool made to work in harsh marine settings. Let’s look at its pros and cons, as well as its features, to see how well it works as a marine communication system.

Features include:

  • Submersible Design: The MHS75 has an impressive JIS8/IPX8 waterproof grade, which means it can be submerged in water up to 5 feet deep for 30 minutes.
  • Dual and Triple Watch: Make sure you don’t miss any important communication by keeping an ear on two or three channels at the same time.
  • Backlit LCD Screen: The backlit LCD screen makes it easier to see, even in dim light, which makes it easier to use.
  • Instant Channel 16/9: In an emergency, you can quickly get to the emergency channels 16 and 9 by pressing 16 and 9.
  • Flexible Antenna: The antenna is flexible and can be taken off, so it’s easy to change or customise.
  • Reliability in the water
  • All-Weather Awareness
  • Power Options
  • No GPS Integration

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3 years of warranty

Standard Horizon’s VHF is professional-grade, just like Icom’s, and the HX890 has most of the best safety features. The FM radio that is built in lets you listen to music or podcasts. Two scrambler methods enable Private Communication between Standard Horizon radios with the same equipment. It’s easy to hold because the case is thin.

Features include:

  • Antenna AC adapter—design that saves space
  • Cable for a battery charger and a cigarette lighter, CP-25H lithium battery pack
  • AA battery pack spare
  • MB-133 belt clip
  • Power cable from Europe
  • 1 watt (low), 6 watts (high)
  • 11 hours of use on a charge
  • Rated waterproof at IPX8/Mil-STD-810F
  • Handheld marine radio with gps
  • Channel groups that can be used are INT, USA, CAN, and WX.
  • DSC: Sure
  • It’s easy to get around in menus.
  • You can programme soft keys to do certain things.
  • Stronger gearbox is possible with a high power output.
  • A battery with 1,800 mAh.
  • Man overboard (MOB) can be reached with a soft key and could be hidden, which would make it harder to get to quickly.
  • You can read it, but the screen quality isn’t as good as the Uniden’s.

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The mode you choose will depend on how far you want to send a message. The output level doesn’t need to be very high for short-range messages. 

Besides that, the HH350 has a microphone that blocks out noise. It will be able to pick up your words but not other sounds. 

However, the gadget also has a few problems. One thing it doesn’t have is a DSC feature. There will be some trouble calling for help because of that. 

So that you don’t need an extra emergency radio, this VHF Marine radio also covers the main NOAA Weather Emergency channels.

Features include:

  • Power output: 1, 3, or 6 W.
  • 7.4 V of voltage.
  • An Li-Polymer battery from Mah
  • 8 to 16 hours of battery life 
  • Floats: Yes
  • A noise-cancelling microphone helps people talk more clearly.
  • It has three different modes of operation.
  • If you drop your device in water, the burp feature can dry it off.
  • Is not good for figuring out where you are at sea
  • The belt clip isn’t very strong and can break quickly.
  • It can be hard to change the volume.
  • Not used for GPS

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3 years of warranty

This handheld VHF is professional-grade and powerful. It was the first to have an internal GPS and is now the first to have an AIS receiver to keep boaters aware of the AIS signals from other vessels, including their speed, destination, and course, as well as collision alerts. (It was interesting to see that some neighbours’ garden moorings were sending out AIS.) You can scan just one station or all of them. Both Channel 16 and the standard call channel you choose are scanned by Dual Watch. Tri Watch includes station 16, a call station, and one more

Features include:

  • Receiving AIS gives a lot of information about the ships around you that are sending AIS.
  • When the floating radio falls into the water, an LED lights up instantly.
  • It’s easy to add up to 75 individual MMSIs or 25 groups of MMSIs for straight hailing through DSC.
  • It has a flash-and-float feature that turns on a flashing strobe automatically if it falls overboard.
  • The speaker vibration tone Aqua Quake can be used to shake water off of the speaker after it has been submerged. It’s also useful in bad weather.
  • Up to 10 hours of use on a charge
  • Power: 2,400 mAh
  • Waterproof Level: IPX7
  • Test Results: 5 for gearbox clarity
  • Clarity of reception: 5

Because the Icom’s signal and reception were so clear, this best handheld marine radio model was the most important to test because it helped figure out how clear the other radios were.


In Conclusion

To get around on the water, you need effective ways to talk to other people. The detailed buying guide has given you all the information you need to pick the best small marine radio for your needs. Remember to take care of and keep your radio so that it lasts as long as possible and works at its best. You can safely explore the seas with the knowledge that you have the latest and greatest marine radio technology with you if you stay informed and ready.

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