Storage Box

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Product information:

Scope of application: underwear, socks, sweaters, wide, bras, toys, sundries, clothing

Storage scene: in the wardrobe

Material: plastic

Specific material: pp polypropylene

Size: 31*26*17cm

Color style:

A style: white [a single clapboard pack]

B style: green [a single clapboard pack]

C style: lotus root pink [a single clapboard]

D style: white – storage box [without clapboard]

E style: green – storage box [without partition]

F style: lotus root pink – storage box [without partition]

G style: extra large white [a single clapboard pack]

H style: extra-large green [a single partition pack]

I style: extra large lotus root pink [a single clapboard]

J style: extra large white – storage box [without partition]

K style: extra large green – storage box [without partition]

L style: extra large lotus root pink – storage box [without partition]

M style: small white [a single clapboard pack]

N style: small green [a single partition pack]

O style: small lotus root pink [a single partition is loaded with]

P style: small white – storage box [without partition]

Q style: small green – storage box [without partition]

R style: small lotus root pink – storage box [without partition]

Packing list:

Storage box*1

da503b7f adeb 4521 afd5 59e503e2f645
dfacfe12 0c66 4e02 982a 0c4dc49f1b1f
3b047c68 b9e5 4c22 a2dc a7e58842bc07
e1b4b2e9 58fb 4435 9297 5a09fc9b38a5
fd1f898f 43fa 4456 8ab1 946b5dc826ea
a4fb1b83 3319 4027 86db fd8ae9bdf1f5
1cca895f 50cc 49d1 9a74 62e88f475131
0143a57d 63e1 4635 82b6 77f6bb3696bf
1ce2460a a6c7 4336 9a94 f4ad5e53c5df
40de5e49 e0d9 4b0e b952 e6ef7a25ebde
a7fe017a 2ccc 439e a5ee d9733a26b863
195a1cd3 3d2a 4348 94f8 9dc5c62235ba
538f5abc 2cc9 4e3c 808c b27ca1202104
72307726 eab7 4129 a97c 8090aa70b069
57467ba9 5f84 4065 a1a4 b806a7380acf
c1c43478 f9af 4e9f bac8 f22fc2918718
dc4c6573 b24f 483d 95c1 a486078b99ab
78d2fa8e 8a57 475a a726 57dbd2e281c3
62df81dc 4612 4cd9 af32 5bdde43350be
5ba060e8 fdd1 46af 8fd9 a112d6e56ba0
f66df29a b164 4043 b698 0817e0bed6e0
16f0b4f3 2631 4736 8f6f 0f157915f252

Weight 0,06 kg
Dimensions 240 × 180 × 20 cm

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R


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Storage Box
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