Hand Protection Safety Gloves Manufacturer

– High mechanical properties, flexible, suitable for use in work environments with a certain degree of dirt;
– Good breathability;
– Recommended industry: Machinery and equipment, manufacturing, mining, metal processing.


  • Automotive.
  • Glass sector.
  • Machine operations.
  • Metal fabrication.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Construction.
  • Plane manufacturing.
  • Ceramics.
  • Paper & pulp industry.
  • Textile industry.
  • Applications requiring ultimate cut protection.


Designed for long-term use and durability, provides the ultimate in grip, protection, and dexterity. These reusable gloves make it easier to work.

A textured surface on the palm-side of the glove provides enhanced grip, making it easier to work on small parts. Mechanic Grip Gloves are easy to take on and off, so gearing up and down for mechanical repairs has never been easier. Unlike costly single use gloves, one pair of Grip Gloves can last for many weeks.

Safety gloves protect your hands from wear and damage, and can help minimize injury in the case of workplace accidents.

These safety gloves were designed to make working in them easy, natural, and more efficient. It can handle various conditions like extreme cold or heat.


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