Top best light bulb security camera for 2023-24

best light bulb security camera

Why is Lighbulb Security Camera Important

When deciding to install the best light bulb security camera, the last thing anyone wants is for it to become a major inconvenience. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or necessary tools to install wiring and fittings for a camera, and hiring a professional can be costly.

That’s a huge advantage of a light bulb camera; all you need is a light bulb socket, in most porches and outdoor areas already have. Setting a security camera in your home can greatly enhance your safety and decrease the risk of an intruder catching you off guard.

Buying Guide: best light bulb security camera

Light bulb cameras are great for anyone wanting to see what’s happening inside their home while they’re away. Light bulb cameras are a great option if you worry about your home or business being broken into. Below, we review everything you need to know about these helpful gadgets!


Ensure the light bulb camera can be installed in any socket. Some cameras require a specific lamp bulb, so check the specifications before buying.

Night vision

A light bulb camera’s crucial aspect is its ability to take photos in low-light situations. Security 

cameras need clear visibility in dark environments since most crimes occur at night. This way, if you want to check what’s happening outside while in bed at night, you can easily view the camera footage on your phone. Finding a camera that has night vision is key to getting full protection.

Wide angle

For a best light bulb security camera to be effective, it should feature a wide-angle lens to ensure maximum coverage of the room. If intruders break in, it will make finding out what is happening in your home easier.

Motion detector

If you’re looking for a camera that can detect motion and record what’s happening within its field of view, consider a light bulb camera with this capability. Whenever the camera detects motion, you’ll receive a notification, text message, or phone call informing you of the movement so that you can take necessary action.

Easy to use

For a hassle-free and user-friendly experience, select a light bulb camera that is easy to operate. You’ll need to download an app to manage the camera, so choosing one with a straightforward interface is important.

What is The Best Light Bulb Security Camera?

1- QAMY 5G Dual Band, 360 panorama

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Introducing the 3MP Bulb Security Camera – a smart home security solution that seamlessly blends into your light socket. It supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless wifi, providing 3MP full HD resolution that is clearer than 1080p. With the Optiguard Light Bulb Camera’s 360-degree wifi, you can enjoy color, IR, and smart night vision capabilities for unparalleled clarity day or night. Easily adjust the angle of view without any blind spots using your phone or tablet. Keep your home secure with this innovative light bulb security camera.

Motion detection and alarm: tracking motion with light bulbs and security cameras. It helps security cameras accurately detect objects and automatically follow them within a 360° surveillance mega range and see 95 degrees up and down. The motion detection alarm function of the best light bulb security camera has been activated for enhanced home security. It will automatically record and track  moving objects and trigger an alarm when necessary.

Moreover, the Optiguard Light Bulb Camera has two-way audio and can be shared with family members. Multiple cameras can be connected to one phone, and the Bulb Security Camera can be shared with friends and family for simultaneous viewing. Monystalia makes it.

Bulb Camera Has A Lot Of Uses And Is Easy To Store. Security Camera Outdoor Can Be Used Indoors, Outdoors, On The Porch, Garage, Warehouse. The Security Camera Light Bulb Outdoor can monitor everything and everyone. You can choose to store images on a memory card or in the cloud with your bulb camera, or you can use a bulb camera without a memory card (the light bulb security camera can work with memory cards up to 128GB, but cloud storage costs extra).

Easy to set up: It can be set up using a regular E27 bulb base and a cell phone to download the app. The app will assist in connecting the camera to wifi, and there is no need for any other operation. If you encounter any issues while using this product, please get in touch with Seller Support for assistance. Our customer service team will patiently help you resolve any problems.

3MP HD visual presentation, full-color night vision, detected anomalies alarm, easy installation/360° panorama/voice dialogue, and a wide range of uses for bulb cameras.

2- LaView 4MP Light Bulb Security Camera

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The LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera is a wireless security camera that is easy to install and has a 4MP HD picture and 12x digital zoom for high-definition video quality. It has color, smart, and infrared night vision, which makes it perfect for keeping an eye on things within 30 feet even when it’s completely dark. The camera can be placed with a regular E27 bulb base (110V–240V), and ETL has approved it. The LaView App can be downloaded to a mobile phone to help the camera connect to wifi (it only works with 2.4GHz wifi).

The camera also has motion detection and motion-tracking alerts that can find and instantly follow objects up to 355° and 17 feet away. Users can set different levels of awareness based on what they need. The camera also has two-way audio and an alarm siren, so you can talk to your family or friends on your cell phone and scare away people you don’t want to be there.

Up to 20 people can watch the video simultaneously, making it easy to share home security cameras with family and friends. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, making handling the app and indoor camera easy. Overall, the LaView 4MP Bulb Security Camera is an easy-to-use and flexible security camera that can be used indoors and outdoors for reliable monitoring.

  • Pros: Climate Pledge Friendly
  • Cons: Not easy to set up

3- GALAYOU 360 Light Bulb Security Camera

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 Best Outdoor Security Camera Light Bulb

We’ll keep it simple: the Galayou 360 is the best security camera for a light bulb. 

Why? First of all, it’s easy to set up. Just screw it into a regular socket, download the free Wansview Cloud app, and follow its instructions to connect to your wifi network. This camera has a sharp 2K resolution, which makes it much better than most cameras with a 1080p resolution.

It also has floodlights and infrared (IR) lights to see in any light.

It has motion-tracking technology lets it instantly find and follow anything that moves in its field of view. It can pan 355° and tilt 65°. It can send messages to your phone when it detects motion. You also get a white light and an alarm that you can use to scare off intruders. It can also record video all the time to an SD card with a capacity of up to 128GB, sold separately. If you’d rather, 

you can sign up for a cloud storage service.

Connecting it to your Alexa or Google Assistant will make things even easier. It is just a small list of this camera’s many features, making it a great all-arounder. And finally, you can use it to talk to anyone in your home, whether they are intruders or more nice people like couriers or babysitters. 

short, this security camera in a light bulb gives you almost everything you need at a very low price. It is not waterproof, though, and it only works with 2.4 GHz wifi: There is no support for 5 GHz wifi.


  • To get the most out of the camera, you must sign up for the cloud service, which is an extra cost. Some might not like this extra cost, but you can record info locally on an SD card.
  • Some users also said that, based on where they put it, the motion sensor could be a little too sensitive, which means you can sometimes get notifications that aren’t necessary.

Quick Tip

While setting up the camera, try to avoid putting it in a place where the light changes quickly and often because the camera may mistake this for movement and send you an alert.

4- SEHMUA Outdoor Wireless Lightbulb Camera 360° with wifi and Color Night Vision

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0BPY98655&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=theabaseen23 20&language=en US best light bulb security camerair?t=theabaseen23 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0BPY98655 best light bulb security camera

The SEHMUA L1 2K Light Bulb Security Camera is a smart and innovative security device that combines the functions of a light bulb and a security camera. This camera’s 2K HD resolution gives you a clear picture, so you can watch your porch or shed closely. The built-in flashlight gives you color night vision and a clear view even when there isn’t much light.

The camera is ETL-certified, so it’s easy to set up. You must screw it into a normal E26/E27 light bulb socket (110V–240V). Using the app (which only works with 2.4GHz), it’s easy to connect the camera to your wifi network.

One of the best things about the SEHMUA L1 2K Light Bulb Security Camera is that it automatically tracks and sends messages in real-time, so you’ll always know what’s happening at your property. The app’s warning feature can be used to keep away people you don’t want to see.

This camera is a useful addition to your security system because it has a wide view and can be used to talk back and forth. With a pan of 350° and a tilt of 90°, you’ll have a full view of your surroundings. The two-way talk feature lets you talk to delivery people or guests even when you’re not at home.

The SEHMUA L1 Light Bulb Security Camera has 24/7 live video streaming for all-day security, keeping your property safe all day. SD card storage (up to 128GB, not included) or cloud storage let you view your videos whenever needed.

5- WOOLINK 2PCS Light Bulb Security Camera 3MP

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0B6TPSKRH&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=theabaseen23 20&language=en US best light bulb security camerair?t=theabaseen23 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0B6TPSKRH best light bulb security camera

Let’s look at what’s so great about this bulb camera.

  • The last camera we looked at had some of the same features as this one. It features 3MP Super HD, which is nice and clear but better than the last camera.
  • It also has night vision, a motion detector, two-way radio, and the option to store things locally or in the cloud. It’s another great choice for an all-purpose bulb camera because it has a great field of view.


  • Setting up the camera is also easy because you must screw it in and connect it to the app. Even though the clarity isn’t as high, it’s still clear enough to see who’s there and what’s happening.


  • A few things could be better about this camera, though. The biggest problem is that it only works with 2.4 GHz wifi, which means that if you have a 5 GHz link, the camera might not work.
  • After the free trial, you must pay for a subscription, which is a bummer but typical for these cams. To keep footage locally, you must also buy an SD card.

Fast Tip

If you want to use the camera in a socket on the roof, set it up while it’s plugged into a lower outlet because it can be hard to do when it’s out of reach. Once the setup is done, you can screw it into any hole.

Light Bulb Security Camera FAQs

Q: How To Use A Light Bulb Camera

A: While there may be minor differences among products, the basic procedure remains consistent. First, screw in the camera, then connect it to your wifi, and finally, if applicable, link it to the corresponding app.

Q: Are light bulb cameras weather-resistant?

A: Yes, most light bulb cameras are weather-resistant. They can withstand rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Some are more weather-resistant than others, so check the product description before purchasing if you live in a rainy, wet area.

Q: Can light bulb cameras be used indoors?

A: Light bulb cameras can be quite beneficial when used indoors. Not only will you be able to see what’s happening when you’re away from home, but these types of cameras can also help you monitor the health of your family members and pets. They can also be used to monitor things like the temperature in your home or office during harsh weather conditions.

Q: What is the power source for light bulb cameras?

A: Light bulb cameras use the same battery as most digital cameras. They come with a built-in rechargeable battery that will last from one to three years, depending on how often you use it. You can also purchase extra batteries for your light bulb cameras if needed. Some cameras even run on electricity.

Q: Can light bulb cameras only be mounted on the ceiling?

A: No. You can also use these cameras in wall-mounted sockets and table lamps.

This review has discussed some of the top lightbulb security camera options available in the market. The features these cameras offer are similar, so your preference will be the deciding factor in your choice.

When deciding on a best light bulb security camera, it’s important to consider your value on higher resolutions and extra features. If you’re willing to spend more, pricier options are available that suit your needs. Ultimately, any of the cameras you choose will enhance the security of your home.

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